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2017 And I'm Writing Again

I'm embarrassed to say I forgot all about updating here. Sorry!

2016 was hard, but it's over. So, here is what I'm working on now.

Podfic - I'm recording The Shop Boy by EventHorizon. About halfway through. And there's more in that series! Also I may be doing the After Life series by Afrogeekgoddess, who kindly offered on tumblr. I remember wanting to record them when I read them, but someone recorded the first story so I didn't ask. I don't want to step on the toes of any other podficcer.

Written: Outside the Box - Supernatural. Destiel. NaNoWriMo 2016, 50,041 words. Romantic comedy with various plot ideas borrowed from Futurama.

Writing - "Hidden" - Supernatural/His Dark Materials. Sam/Dean. Currently 63,000 words and still going - the denouement might take a little while. It's a sort of reversal of Soulless Sam - in this HDM world, Sam comes back from the Pit apparently daemonless, but she's actually hidden inside him.

(Cas tells them) "There are other worlds where this is true of all human beings' dæmons. The spirit or soul is an energy hidden inside. Like the grace of angels."
Dean shudders at the thought. "Well we don't live there."

I now write 1000 words per day. I got in the habit thanks to NaNoWriMo this time around. I consciously established the habit of getting the writing done in the afternoon instead of waiting till late at night when I was tired. Compared to the NaNo minimum of 1667 words, 1000 feels pretty comfortable.

Sometimes I do a little more than that, but most days I reach that thousand and bam! Drop tools and walk away and do something else. And the words... Pile... Up. :)

And Sherlock? Well - Maybe? I just saw The Final Problem, it aired last night. I personally was never expecting a kiss or anything like that. I wanted one, sure, but I knew I wouldn't get it. The whole thing felt like a cartoon, somehow, though. Or like super-late-season Star Trek. It was like "Spock's Brain." With a side helping of puree of fanfic. I am still processing the many plot holes. I can't tell yet, though, if it will ultimately make me want to write something better or just back away in disgust. When I reach the end of Hidden, I do intend to finish at least one of the Sherlock fics I still have in progress. So, we'll all find out I guess. :)


gilded cage cover copy

I have started posting my podfic for The Gilded Cage, and will update every Monday. Chapter One and Chapter Two are now up.

Normally I post podfics complete, but Gilded Cage is special! At 326,977 words, it's really long, and even the shortest chapters (there are 31) run almost an hour. So I thought it might be nice for some people to listen to it more like a radio show as it comes out - I enjoyed reading the fic as a serial this way, personally - and of course, those who prefer it complete can simply wait for it to be done. :)

There is another podfic of Gilded Cage in progress by Usagi Atemu Tom. We both know about each other and have talked to one another, and we both have the author's permission, so it's all good. :)


Up Next in Podfic

So! I'm about to finish the podfic for that one I was whining about nobody reading, Hunter Moon, which may or may not ever find an audience, but honestly, it's one of my favorite things I've written. That's just one chapter to go and only about 2 hours total.

Then - Disregard the Danger by DestinationToast! An excellent fix-it fic of season 3. It will be about 9 hours.

And then after that, The Gilded Cage by BeautifulFiction. It's extremely long! more than 30 hours! and the fic should probably be finished by the time I finish DtD. Thing is, the chapters are all at least an hour long, so I think I will release it in chapters.


cover2 copy

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Or an apology.
Runtime 7:47:40 | text


Foul ball

Sometimes, doesn't matter if you're a good writer, doesn't matter that it's a good story, sometimes you write one that people just don't seem to want to read. Never mind kudos or comments - there are barely any hits.

I'm disappointed, but I guess... not that surprised. Maybe it'll find its audience later, but right now I don't feel like ever working my heart out again on a story with less than an E rating. If people don't even read it... what's the point?


Update: toothball, EYEBALL

So I did get my teeth sorted out - the lisping didn't stop with the permanent crown, there was a filling repair needed on the tooth under it. Now I can read without spraying saliva in a fine mist.

But then a new problem at my recording space: overhead renovations. Jackhammers. Work until August.

After a brief panic, I reorganized and figured out what I might do to record at home. I mean of course I could just record at home, but I need quality sound, it's got to be good enough to listen to. I'm an avid audiobook consumer and I like to try for that level of sound. Minus the annoyance of music. Argh, music in audiobooks. I don't like it. They put out a new audio version of my favorite Tad WIlliams series "Otherland", and the first minute and a half of each one has music playing OVER the reader, it makes me incandescent with rage. WHY IS THERE MUSIC THERE!


Anyhow, this! I'm getting a Kaotica Eyeball. It's brilliant. It encases your microphone and acts as a little studio space around it, even in a normal room, even in a horrible room. Their demo of a guy singing into it in the middle of an empty warehouse is amazing.

It's possible to make one yourself, and I did try, but I made such a mess of it. Still, tests of that were so encouraging that I am going ahead and getting a real one. It should arrive on Monday. I'm so excited to try it out.

What the hey is a toothball? It's a reference to an episode of the anime Kodomo no Omocha. "Operation Eyeball Toothball!"


Two Weekth Off

I have to take two weeks off on recording podfic. A temporary crown in my teeth is making me lisp. I should be back to normal when I get the permanent one in. It'th very annoying!


Now Working On

I'm now recording a podfic of "Trying to Find the In-Between" by NoStraightLine. It'll be about 7.5 hours, and I've already done chapter 1 of 9. It is awesome, I'm thrilled to be recording it. The sex is so hot of course, but also this story has a beautiful angsty Fall and post-Fall section. I like reading happy, but I also like getting to act really fraught stuff. (People actually liked my crying Sherlock in N&N. I could hardly believe it. I'm an easy crier and tears are the bane of my existence, but being able to whip them out creatively is a rare pleasure.)
And a lovely happy ending too, with Sherlock getting his shit together and really trying. Yay.

I've been writing Supernatural fic lately. Into it big time. I find Dean almost irresistible as a POV character, though turns out Sam is fun too...

I promise, I haven't given up on Sherlock, but this hiatus, after a season I only part liked, has felt so long. They're about to start filming season 4, and I am sure those guys will be back in my head. In the meantime, there's a lot to love about Supernatural. So much to work with. And there's a curious linguistic shift for me, as I sometimes have to remind myself to write 'wholly American.' I've gotten out of the habit of gotten. But I've done three stories now and it's a great pleasure to be writing, because things have been dry for me for a good part of this year.

I have a new genre of music I like to listen to while writing. Electro swing. Check it out. (just one example, but I liked that one a lot.)


Nature and Nurture Podfic FINISHED!

Nature and Nurture podfic! Just under 20 hours at 19:40:41! Whew.

On AO3 - On Jinjurly Audiofic Archive

LOOK! The wonderful navydream did the cute art of Oliver. ♥

nature cover navydream